Thursday, July 12, 2012

The relationship of man with God

The Muslim submits himself unto belief in God, His angels, His messages, His messengers and the Day of Judgment. He obeys God and only God. In terms of man-himself relationship the Muslim is aware of his role and ought to practice all his obligations towards himself. Within the man-man relationship the Muslims is submitted to laws and rules that are essentially social, political and economic.

He practices his obligations, his rights, his duties and his responsibilities within the framework of others, the community. He has to obey the divine law and has to function in terms of the precepts of Islam. His relationship with the universe reveals his role towards the universe and how the universe leads him to believe in God and make him achieve his life where all his means of subsistence are provided for him by God.

All four relationships stem from the relationship of man with God. Man has a life cycle to live, a mind to think and free will to do whatever he likes. His temporary worldly life represents a preparation bridge for the eternal life. He decides his own destiny and he alone reaps the results of his own acts. In Islam no other person can be responsible for the person himself. He is tempted with good and evil and he alone decides which way to go.

Such perspective makes Muslims come together naturally into a community for communal action is just as important as individual action. In Islam there is a balance between the two while individual responsibility remains all the time individual and not communal.


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