Saturday, July 14, 2012

Islam is mind

Islam makes the human mind as the judge. Man is provided with the mind to look into the universe and consider the need for a master planner and a master architect to make it what it is. The journey between man's birth and man's death is short, transitory and temporary.

But the confrontation of man with the universe is inevitable and inescapable. In fact there will be nothing left for reflection and for comprehension if there was not a universe to think about and man to think of. Man-universe interaction leads not only for survival but also for satisfying the inner curiosity of every person.

The man-universe interaction can be seen from one perspective, such of mind-matter perspective. If man can be reduced to mind of reflection and the universe of matter object of reflection then we can understand more of the nature of the relationship between man and the universe.

The criterion of the mind, of which no one can explain the presence, nature and origin of the 120 billion of neurons coming together, as be a miracle, to enable man to think. The objective of thought is to find out and discover in the attempt not only to survive but also to explain and understand.


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