Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Islam is freedom

Truth is the dream of philosophers and the only pursuit of philosophy, science and arts. Man has the natural impetus for truth and as Aristotle said that Truth does not need justification, for it is clear enough as justification. Truth stands on its own feet and our mind accepts it as it is.

Mathematical truth, for example, is considered to be a perfect science that justifies itself, whether its origin is an external entity existing on its own or our own invention. If Islam as a monotheistic religion makes the mind as judge, then how can this be related to the concepts of freedom and justice that Islam calls for?

Islam considers man's mind as the judge but such a state needs to be exercised within the criterion of freedom. If God is the ultimate objective of man's belief and man's submission unto, then man must have the freedom of choice between belief and disbelief, this is depenent on the non-viability of a proof for God's existence.

In other words, if Islam calls for the acknowledgement of a God then it must, a priori, provide proof and evidence for its premises. But Islam, like other monotheistic religions, or even any other belief system in the general sense of belief, does not provide proof, nor evidence not even a solid argument, for the existence of God.

Islam as a religion challenges man to look into the universe, and must have the freedom of looking into the universe, then man is given the choice, and he must have the freedom of choice, and then man must make his own convictions towards the premises advanced for belief, and man must have the freedom of making such convictions. This consists of the aspect of freedom in Islam. The freedom to consider the universe as an act of creation by one and only God or otherwise.


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