Monday, July 16, 2012

Islam is justice

The aspect of justice in Islam is based on the perspective that man is given the mind to look into the universe and have liberty of convictions, as well as having enough time to make the final judgment before death, then man is held responsible for his own choice.

Such a choice, although free and personal, has consequences for man himself. In such a way the human mind is made not only the judge mediator between man and the universe but also charged with the responsibility of man's decision to believe or disbelieve.

Islam faces man with a clear message that God is and is given freedom to choose between belief and disbelief then it is only logical that man is held responsible for his own judgment. The justice perspective comes into the formula of Islam as a direct cosequence for man's own decision. Whether man is rewarded by paradise or is punished by hell fire man alone is responsible.

Reward and punishment as levers for persuasion and dissuasion are but the criterion of justice in Islam, and indeed in Judaism and Christianity. Christianity holds man alone to be responsible whether to follow the way of God or the way of the devil. In Judaism humans are invited to obey God but they have the choice of disobeying God with all the consequences therefrom.

If man is then provided with mind and has enough time to consider through the criterion of the universe whether or not to believe, which expresses total freedom, unlike what the fatalist and predestination advocates claim, then justified consequences, as purpose for such a free task and responsibility, must be applied and this is the idea of final judgment and reward and punishment in Islam.


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